🏦stACFI Governance

Voting power, protocol revenue distribution, and tiered DSO discounts

stACFI (staked ACFI) Voting Power

Stake your ACFI tokens in stACFI, not only to secure additional rewards but also to actively participate in shaping the protocol's destiny. By staking ACFI in stACFI, users contribute to the decentralized decision-making process that governs the development and evolution of Accumulated Finance.

Staking Duration: 52 Weeks

Protocol Revenue Distribution

As a reward for active participation, stACFI holders enjoy a direct share of the protocol's revenue, creating a symbiotic relationship between the token holders and the overall success of Accumulated Finance.

Sources of Protocol Revenue

  1. Liquid Staking Fees

  2. ACFI Discounted Staking Options (DSO) Sales

  3. stACFI Voting Power Bribes

Explore in detail: Protocol Revenue

Tiered DSO Discounts

The tiered ACFI discounted options system rewards loyalty and commitment. The more stACFI you hold and the longer you hold, the greater the discount on ACFI call options.

It’s a tiered structure that aligns incentives for long-term engagement, turning stACFI into a coveted badge for those aiming to maximize their benefits within the ACFI ecosystem.

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