💜Welcome to Accumulated Finance

Accumulated Finance is an omnichain liquid staking protocol integrated with Curve

Protocol website: https://accumulated.finance

Liquid Staking tokens (LSTs) introduce a revolutionary approach to staking, offering a flexible and dynamic way to engage with your staked assets. Accumulated Finance empowers users to unlock the true value of their staked tokens through a seamless and innovative process.

Key Protocol Features

  • Mint LSTs: Convert staked assets into Liquid Staking tokens for enhanced liquidity.

  • Earn Rewards: Stake LSTs to receive both underlying staking rewards and ACFI discounted staking options.

  • DeFi Integration: Utilize staked LSTs in various DeFi applications such as loans, leverage trading, and restaking.

  • Omnichain Compatibility: Seamlessly transfer LSTs between different blockchain networks using the xERC20 standard.

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