💰Protocol Revenue

This page describes protocol revenue distributed to stACFI holders

Revenue sharing parameters below are initial and can be updated through the stACFI governance process

Liquid Staking

  • 4% of staking rewards goes to the Tresury to cover DAO costs

  • 8% of staking rewards goes to stACFI stakers

    • until stACFI Governance is launched and fee switch is enabled, tokens will go to the Treasury

  • 8% of staking rewards goes to special peg protection accounts – these tokens will be used to buyback liquid staking derivative tokens and support peg in stableswap pools

ACFI Discounted Staking Options (DSO)

  • 50% of LSTs, paid for ACFI DSO, goes to stACFI stakers

  • Remaining 50% of LSTs are forever locked into the protocol, increasing liquid staking APR and attracting new users

stACFI Voting Power Bribes

  • 100% of incentives, paid for stACFI voting power, are distributed to stACFI stakers

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