📊Discounted Staking Options (DSO)

Accumulated Finance presents a game-changing strategy with the introduction of Discounted Staking Options (DSO), providing liquid stakers with the opportunity to purchase ACFI at a discounted rate, rather than receiving tokens for free.

This innovative approach aims to attract a diverse range of participants, fostering liquidity and ensuring a vibrant revenue stream for the protocol.


  • 50% of the Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs), used to purchase ACFI options, are allocated to stACFI holders.

  • The remaining 50% of LSTs are perpetually locked into the Accumulated Finance.

This perpetual lock boosts liquid staking APR for all liquid stakers and ensures a continuous staking mechanism within the integrated protocols, creating a symbiotic relationship that benefits the health, growth, and liquidity of the entire ecosystem. In essence, LST perpetual staking strategy becomes a powerful engine, fostering a mutually beneficial connection with the integrated protocols.

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