How It Works

Unlock the true value of staked assets

Liquid Staking Tokens

With Accumulated Finance, you can mint Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) that represent your staked assets. These LSTs are designed to be freely traded on the market and can be easily redeemed back to the original token, providing unparalleled liquidity to staked assets.


By staking LSTs, users not only continue to earn the underlying staking rewards but also gain access to Accumulated Finance's Discounted Staking Options (DSO) for the native token ACFI. This unique feature enhances the overall yield potential for participants in the Liquid Staking ecosystem.

DeFi Integrations

Liquid Staking Tokens open up new possibilities in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. Use your staked LSTs as collateral for loans, engage in leverage trading, or even restake them, all while seamlessly earning staking rewards.

Omnichain Compatibility

Transcend the limitations of individual blockchain networks with our Omnichain LST design. Built on the xERC20 standard, Accumulated Finance enables the transfer of LSTs between different networks, offering users unprecedented flexibility and interoperability in managing their staked assets.

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